Enlightenment from Cea Cohen-Elliot – Apr 4

Cea Cohen-Elliott waved a magic wand last week and we laughed, chuckled and learned about happiness, health & more

Cea gets our prize cup from President Price.

Cea gets our prize cup from President Price

This was a change of pace the club needed and we got it from a Xenia neighbor who is a nationally known speaker who explains and demonstrates her way to lessons about the good life. She believes patience, civility and good manners are in short supply these days, so she’s crusading to make the world her classroom. She’s a mother, teacher, cancer survivor and teller of good stories about her work and people she’s met. Marvelous!

She drew Joe Wade’s Lucky Buck dollar, but the 4 of diamonds he drew was good only for laughs. Thanks, Joe. Quarters for Kids took in $6.

Note to all: Deadline nearing for District entries for awards. Call Eric Price to help get our club recognized for its various types of community service. Don’t be shy! Call today!

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