Entrepreneur Vince Lewis – Mar 28

Vince Lewis provided us a superb education on entrepreneurship: his life, his work and his rules

Eric Price with Vince Lewis

Vince Lewis came to us last week even though he was in the middle of multiple meetings and had to overcome a troublesome cough. He is amusingly self-deprecating and astonishingly successful in business, and especially now with Logos@Work (which we know from our anti-bully t- shirts).

He claimed he was an indifferent student who went to Western Kentucky U., wanted to be a computer science expert but failed twice, so he majored in public relations and went into the trucking business here. (So much for PR.) Then he hooked on to what was then Hyde Park Electronics and up the management ladder. Its sale gave him the means to get his own business. And he did. He’s also an adjunct prof at the University of Dayton teaching a class in (guess what?) entrepreneurship. He shares his 10 special business rules (integrity at the top of the list) with the students. (No room for all 10 here.) The business is in Dayton and he says it is a special place to work and live. All this arranged by Joe Wade. Thanks!

(Doug Chapman won the Lucky Buck draw, but that was all. Sorry, Doug.) 

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