Progress on Anti-bullying – Mar 14

Next week our speaker, Vince Lewis of Logos@Work, will tell us about t-shirt entrepreneurship and his work as a major supplier for the milliontshirtmarchagainstbullying. And that bring us to …

Last week’s program of pretty good news about the March:

  • Thanks to our own Dave Garel we raised $250 on the spot as he bought the Dragons suite donated to us for the march against bullying. Thank you Dragons!
  • There will be a big Courthouse Square rally against bullying and other violence on our May 2 date dedicated to the defeat of bullying. Our project is just part of the event, 4 to 6 p.m. on May 2, but all of us who can totter out should be there with our Logos@Work “stop bullying” shirts. Main sponsors: Ex Club. G.E.M.S. Cease Fire Dayton, One Call now, Logos@work.
  • Tom Wild told us that we are looking for a national spokesman (or woman) to spread the anti- bullying message. Miss New Hampshire, who will be in the Miss America pageant this year, is a bullying victim and is already spreading the word to “be aware and get it ended.”
  • South Africa and Guam are joining in. The Wichita school district is working on coming in, too. Could we hit 50,000 t-shirts at least this time? Maybe! Keep up the effort and we can!
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