The Blue Ribbon Award

On Thursday, April 16, 2009, at Walnut Grove Country Club, our club had a special awards luncheon to present its first Blue Ribbon Award. The award honors annually an outstanding professional in the greater Dayton/Miami Valley area whose service includes activities in the child abuse pevention area. A donation in honor of the recipient will be presented to the organization and the recipient will receive a plaque in recognition of his or her service to the community.

2009 Honoree: Stephen M. Geib, LSW, Executive Director and founder of Agape for Youth, Inc. Agape for Youth, Inc., is now celebrating 20 years of serving family and youth and was developed around the principle that each individual youth served is a person of worth. They seek to demonstrate an acceptance of all youth with no conditions attached due to dysfunctional behavior, physical limitations, culture, sex, religion, or national origin.