Civics Education Resolution


Civics Education Resolution by the Exchange Club of Dayton, Ohio
Adopted by the club on April 23, 2015

Regarding the strengthening of the civics education curriculum in our public schools so that high school graduates are ready to assume the full responsibilities of citizenship with knowledge of American history, American government and the sources of American exceptionalism.

WHEREAS the research conducted by the Exchange Club of Dayton on the state of civics education in Ohio leads us to share the great concern by local, state and national leaders about evidence in the general population of lack of knowledge and understanding of American democracy and its responsibilities, and
WHEREAS the identification of multiple problems, including student test results,  abysmally-low voter turnout statistics, polls indicating lack of knowledge of our citizenship rights and obligations, and the abject failure of most citizens to observe, evaluate, and communicate with government leaders, supports our conclusion that civics education has greatly deteriorated, and
WHEREAS retired and sitting judges of the U.S. Supreme Court have recognized the deficiencies in civics education across the nation, as have a variety of prominent organizations such as the American Bar Association, and
WHEREAS Exchange as a national service club has for more than 65 years dedicated resources to placing documents from the Freedom Train as Freedom Shrines in schools and other public venues and encouraging Americanism education, and
WHEREAS there is evidence that the shrines often became mere wall decorations and the organization’s education materials lacked the benefits of modern scholarship and thus were little used in classrooms, and
WHEREAS the Exchange Covenant of Service calls on all members as a divine privilege to act when the ideals and institutions of their country, such as the heritage of American citizenship,  are in peril; now therefore be it
RESOLVED by the Exchange Club of Dayton in meeting assembled to request the Ohio-West Virginia District Exchange Clubs to join in the quest for strengthened civics education in Ohio; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED that the said District offer a petition to the Exchange Club National Convention in Columbus, Ohio July 29-August 1 to request that all clubs recognize the national problem, join with other organizations of like mind and seek solutions; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED that the Exchange Club of Dayton make available any and all research, findings and personal expertise that might be requested concerning solution strategies for the problems herein described.

Under my hand and seal this day of April 23, 2015,

William H. Wild
Secretary for the Exchange Club of Dayton, Ohio