One Nation Under God

The One Nation Under God project was adopted on July 30, 1964, by Exchange leaders seeking to heighten awareness of our rich religious heritage. November, observed nationally as One Nation Under God Month, is a special time of year when Exchangites join together to increase public appreciation of the important roles religious faith and freedom have played in our nation’s history.


The Exchange Club of Dayton traditionally observes this project with a traditional Thanksgiving Day luncheon the Thursday before Thanksgiving. A brief remembrance of the Pilgrims first Thanksgiving is also a part of this event.In 2016, November 19th, the word ‘thanksgiving’ had true meaning at the God & Country luncheon as Judge Singer told us how his court helps women caught in trafficking and drugs. We received inspiring words from Judge Gregory Singer and his wife Stephanie. They well-deserved the Exchange Cups President Eric Price is handing over. The judge’s common pleas court seeks solutions and redemption, not mere punishment, for women who come before him. Stephanie heads the board for Oasis House that serves as a sanctuary for women seeking escape from sex trafficking and the bonds of addiction.
A major part of Judge Singer’s court operation is mental health assessment which seeks to probe the causes of women’s anti-social behavior and help them come back to society as contributors to their community rather than takers.

In 2008, this event was celebrated on November 20, 11:45am at Walnut Grove Country Club. For information, please contact our program chairman by e-mail at: