CARE House

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CARE House is an advocacy center for children and families affected by abuse and neglect.

The center is a community partnership represented by Dayton Children’s Hospital, the Children Services Division of the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services, the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office and all law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County.

Through effective, efficient and child-centered casework, this multi-disciplinary team reduces trauma to child victims, increases communication among professionals and improves the outcomes for the children. As an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance, CARE House meets 10 specific performance standards. 0

Since opening in 1999, CARE House has served nearly 9,300 children. More than 80% of those children alleged child sexual abuse. The remaining children alleged physical abuse and neglect and witnessed violence.

If you are interested in helping CARE House provide support services (for example: food and gas cards and healthy snacks) for the children and families it sees, please email the center for information by email at or phone at 937.641.4545.Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.30.17 PM

CARE House initiated prevention programming in 2004 with the adoption of a child sexual abuse prevention, recognition and response curriculum, the Stewards of Children. Since that time, the advocacy center has facilitated nearly 600 trainings for more than 8,000 adults in Montgomery County and throughout the state. The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has awarded CARE House funding, administrated by Montgomery County office of Human Services and Planning, for the Stewards of Children since 2008.

The prevention programming expanded in 2016 to include Child Safety Matters, a comprehensive, research-based, primary prevention program designed to educate and empower students, school personnel and adults with information and strategies to prevent bullying, cyberbullying, technological abuse and all types of child abuse. Funded by The Health Path Foundation, this curriculum will be implemented in Greene, Montgomery and Warren Counties.

If you are interested in learning more about the CARE House prevention efforts, please contact Denise Uhl Jenkins by email at or phone at 937.641.4228.

410 Valley Street | Dayton, Ohio 45404               937.641.4545 phone                                                              937.641.4250 fax

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Recognition and Response Steps

Learn the Facts

  • Experts estimate 1 in 10 child are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.
  • 90% of sexually abused children are abused by someone they and their caregivers know and trust.
  • 35% of child victims are 11 years or younger.
  • Children who live with a single parent who has a live-in partner are 20 times more likely to be victims of child sexual abuse than children living with both biological parents.

Minimize Opportunity

  • Eliminate or reduce isolated one-on-one situations.
  • Scan the physical environment for hidden and secluded areas, and correct any dangers.
  • Screen people who work and volunteer in all child-serving settings to decrease the risk of sexual abuse.
  • Describe how staff, volunteers and older youth will interact and conduct themselves with children.

Talk About It

  • A protective bond between parent and child increases confidence for both and instills knowledge that makes children much less vulnerable to sexual abuse.
  • Talk with children when they are young and use proper names for body parts.
  • Review safety and touching boundaries anytime a child is in a new situation.
  • Explain that secrets can be harmful. If someone asks them to keep a secret, they should tell you.

Recognize the Signs

  • Be aware that is some children, there are no signs of sexual abuse.
  • Physical signs are not common.
  • Emotional and behavioral signals are more common.
  • Trauma is often the root of what we label as difficult or bad behavior.

React Responsibly

  • The response you share with children who disclose sexual abuse sets the stage for their healing process and their well-being over time.
  • Discovery of sexual abuse means you have witnessed a sexually abuse act or you know by another way the abuse occurred. Report a discovery immediately.
  • If you witness a boundary violation, or see a situation in which a child is vulnerable, set limits and ask questions.
  • Report reasonable suspicions of child sexual abuse to:
  • In an emergency situation, call 911. You will reach your local law enforcement agency.
  • If you would like additional information about reporting child abuse or do not know which agency to call, you may call the Dayton Children’s Hospital children’s advocacy center located in your county:
  • CARE House in Montgomery County – 937.641.4545
  • Michael’s House in Greene County – 937.318.1660
  • Child Advocacy Center of Warren County in Warren County – 513,261.6031

Prevention of Child Abuse

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