Stewards of Children

The Exchange Club of Dayton welcomes the opportunity to present this important program to your group. Class size should not exceed twenty-five people. There is no cost for this program. Arrangements can be made to present this program at your location or at The Exchange Club’s home site. For more information or to arrange a presentation, please send an e-mail with your name, the name of your organization and the number of possible participants to:


Stewards of Children is a comprehensive and evidence-based curriculum that educates and motivates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The curriculum is designed for child serving agencies, churches, organizations and schools – staff, volunteers and parents. Because the Exchange Club believes that adults are responsible for the protection of children from child sexual abuse, we want to introduce you to the Stewards of Children curriculum. This training encourages discussion and collaboration. It is our hope that area organizations (charter schools) will join the movement to reduce and eliminate child sexual abuse. A recent participant shared, “Even with my training as a clinical counselor and a school counselor, I found this presentation a valuable reminder of my responsibilities as a professional and parent.”

The three-hour training includes:

  • Interactive Workbooks that serve as a resource as well as provide opportunities for both personal and group reflection and response to the information presented
  • A 70-minute video that includes sexual abuse survivors along with the curriculum’s author and multiple professionals who interact daily with the problems associated with sexual abuse
  • 7 Steps to Protecting our Children, the evidence-based foundation of the Stewards of Children curriculum
  • the community resource guide identifies agencies and organizations that provide professional services to child sexual abuse victims and survivors, and their families
  • Policies and Procedure Guidelines for Organizations that Serve Children and Adolescents assist in the preparation of a child protection policy
  • A Retrospective Survey evaluates knowledge gained by participants. An evaluation encourages participants’ to assess the effectiveness and value of the training as well as make comments and suggestions for future programming.
  • Counselors, nurses and social workers will receive three continuing education hours upon completion of Stewards of Children.